Is TOO MUCH FAT Hurting Your Health, Self and Relationships?

Are you tired of the mood swings, cravings, hunger, rebound weight and wrinkles that are part of fad diets?”

Have you tried so called “natural weight loss pills” or prescription weight loss drugs only to end up with a bad case of the jitters?

Are you sick of being told you have no willpower, emotional eating problems or a sluggish thyroid and THAT is why you are FAT?

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Dear Friend,

Are you that unfortunate individual who has been stuck with stubborn pockets of fat on your thighs, abdomen and rear that just don’t ever seem to melt away no matter how hard you diet or exercise?

Have you spent absolutely thousands of dollars on weight loss gadgets, pills and videos without succeeding in losing weight for good?

Do you seem to gain three pounds for every pound that you lose?

Well I can identify. I am that former “fatty fatty two by four couldn’t get through the bathroom door” who has fallen for every single weight loss product or scheme imaginable.

I did everything that the weight loss experts told me to but nothing seemed to work. This included starving myself, eating only protein, loading up with carbohydrates and working out seven times a week. I tried vitamin B injections, food combining and drinking nothing but water and whey smoothies ….

Nothing seemed to help me peel off those pounds!

I was practically a connoisseur of dieting.

I tried a high carbohydrate diet with practically ZERO fat.

I tried the Zone and Isometric diets. I tried food combining.

I tried food separating and eating nothing but whole eggs week after week. I tried high protein and “ketogenic” diets including the tuna fish and water diet. I

I tried the cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) and body opus. I even tried – get a load of this – the so-called “anabolic” high fat diet (no pancakes, bagels or toast were allowed, but bacon, sausage and whole eggs in butter were just fine!)

Why did I buy into these delusions that made me fatter than ever!

Part of my problem was my absolute belief and faith in the diet industry marketing geniuses that kept selling me the same thing over and over again even though I was getting absolutely no results and even seemed to be gaining weight!

You do know what the definition of stupidity is don’t you? It is doing the SAME thing over and over again and expecting to get different results.

That is what most of us are doing when we buy all these weight loss schemes and products! The diet industry knows darn well that we are willing to fork out a lot of money just for the blind “hope” that we might lose weight and that we will just go along with the crowd and believe that our inability to lose weight is somehow our personal shame and NOT the fault of these schemes and products that do not allow us to lose weight.

Do you believe that -

  • Eating fatty foods causes you to gain weight?
  • Certain foods have the metaphysical property of actually helping you to burn fat?
  • Supplements like whey powder can help you to lose weight
  • The only way to lose weight is to eat half the calories you are now?
  • You have to spend every day at the gym to lose weight?
  • That the diet industry wouldn’t keep you fat and dependent on buying their products on purpose – (or would they?)
  • Age is holding you back?
  • You were born with bad genes?
  • Steroids must be the answer?
  • Filling your stomach with fiber stops weight gain?
  • You have to spend hours at the gym to build muscle?

If you believe any of the statements above then you need serious help. From me!

You need to read my ebook - Easy Natural Weight Loss!

After all, all of the above has worked for you before. Right?


Keep reading to find out how this eBook came about…

I was once “fat like you.” After many years of trying to lose weight and realize I had spent the price of several houses on every weight loss scheme imaginable

I drank and chewed the supplements, starved myself, carbo loaded and worked out six days a weak! I was always fat no matter what. Or I would lose a few pounds and then all of the weight would just come back.

It was disgusting. I decided to stop believing the hype and did my own research. The result is Easy Natural Weight Loss.


Like me you have you have probably already spent thousands of dollars on lies, schemes and supplements that don’t work to give you what I can including –

The body of a dancer or fitness model

A lean and lithe body with solid sexy abs

Looking great in a bikini

Looking better and feeling better than you have in your entire life

Still think that Thigh Master, Skinny Bitch Diet or Zone Meal Delivery is going to work for you?

Still think that downing hoodia, whey protein shakes or ephedra is going to help you shed those pounds forever?

My question is — If there were pills or supplements that really increased fat loss to any noticeable degree, then why are there more overweight people today than ever before in history? Wouldn’t everybody be leaner?

If you read Easy Natural Weight Loss you can do it too -

Without taking dangerous drugs that make you quake like a junkie in withdrawal and put you at risk for a heart attack

Without spending a king’s ransom on expensive supplements

Without exhausting yourself at the gym

Without drinking soapy and sour tasting drinks that make you feel bloated and sick

Without wondering if you are damaging your health over the long term…

Without BUSTING your butt very day at the gym and doing everything the bodybuilding experts tell you only to find out that the girl working out next to you is losing weight three times faster than you are without dieting, taking supplements and only working out once a week

Instead of Spending Long Hours at the Gym and Depriving Yourself of Food … Wouldn’t You Rather Spend Long Hours Cooking Gourmet Meals, Buying Hot Clothes and Being Chased After By the Opposite Sex?

Get a great looking eye popping sexy body within days…

It has come to my attention that many of you that are approaching obesity or even mildly overweight are …

  • Working overtime to pay for expensive supplements that make you feel nervous, bloated and sick
  • Busting your butt at the gym only to find that you are the same size as you were thirty days ago after thirty days of serious exercising!
  • Doing everything the fitness experts tell you only to find that the guy working out next to you -who is NOT on a program–has lost twice as much weight as you in half the time!

I am here to inform you that the weight loss industry has been preventing you from achieving the body that you deserve to have and that furthermore –

The Weight Loss Industry is keeping you fat and frustrated on purpose!

However that is all about to change because you were lucky enough to be surfing and land on this page. You are about to discover a revolutionary new system that works with Mother Nature and not against when it comes to losing weight.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old; have bad genes or a heart condition. This weight loss program is guaranteed to work for you!

It is in the weight loss industry’s best interests to keep you weak and skinny. It forces you to buy more books, classes, equipments, waters and supplements to try and achieve that ideal physique!

Here is a list of the lies often told to us by the diet, weight loss and body building industries.

Lie #1

“Train Like A BodyBuilder to Lose Weight.”

This is a huge fib. It is an excuse to put you through regimens, including expensive supplements, that will wreak havoc on your body.

Everyone knows by now that if you follow this advice that you will look just like you do today one month from now, two months from now and even three months from now.

The Truth

Imitating a bodybuilder will not turn you into a fitness model. This is one of the most costly frauds in the exercise world. It may even build muscles in the wrong so you look awkward or bulky.

Of course when it does not work you will be encouraged to blame it on your genetics. That of course leads to feeling like a failure, which is not good for anyone’s motivation or self-esteem.


Lie #2

“The advice in Body Building Magazines can help you lose weight!”

The problem is that body building magazines often contain bad advice. Fitness experts, waters, protein powders, equipment supplements and books about fitness so that money can be made off of the advertising revenues provide the very reason they are published.

The Truth

Almost every single training schedule printed in muscle magazines is designed to make you build mass in the slowest fashion possible and you will still look fat. In fact you might build muscles out of that fat.

Can you honestly say that following these types of regimens has made you that much skinnier in the last few years?

This is because the fitness experts neglect to tell you that too much exercise exhausts your ability to recover and makes you want to binge eat. It can even compromise your hard earned muscle size and strength.


Lie #3

“Supplements are the magic bullet that gives you the edge when it comes to losing weight.”

According to the “experts” reviewing products in magazines, the latest supplement is always going to be the one that finally works to give you that lean fit physique you always wanted.

It is human nature to fall for this again and again.

Did the last product you were sold deliver what it promised? Be honest with yourself.

If the answer was “Yes”, you wouldn’t be here reading this newsletter.

The Truth

Every major fitness magazine is owned and operated by a supplement company. Not a single one is owned by an independent and objective party that reviews fitness products.

Fitness magazines are no better than fancy business cards. They contain nothing but advertorials for what they want to sell you.


Are You Ready to Learn the Truth About Weight Loss?

Are You Prepared to Discard Your Delusions About Dieting and Finally Get Results?

It’s Time to Get With a Program That Works

Why would these companies give out false information about fat loss? Quite simply it is because they are in the business of selling you these weight loss products. And if their products succeed you don’t need to buy more products from them.

The bottom line is that it is not in their best interests to sell you programs and products that work in any way. That is because the same folks who own the bodybuilding magazines also sell you the supplements and bodybuilding videos.

This is why I wrote Easy Natural Weight Loss. These tactics outraged me.

This is not just another eBook that is selling you hope. The advice in this book can save you years of frustration and trial and error.

In fact you could say that having this eBook around is like having your own personal fitness and weight loss coach around twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

I teach you every solid thing I know about how to lose weight. You will get…

A complete understanding of why up to 95% of all diets fail

A list of the WORST foods for people who are trying to eat weight to eat

An explanation of how your diet and fitness plan could actually be causing you to gain weight

A discussion about why eating fat can actually be good for you

The secret trick that body builders use to get rid of stubborn body fat when nothing else will do

The heads up on what to watch out for when you are buying over-the-counter herbal supplements that promise weight loss (some of these substances can be quite dangerous to your health!

Recommendations for natural herbs and plants genuinely may assist you in a weight loss regimen and help burn fat rather than just cause water loss

A copy of a brand new food pyramid that unlike the current FDA approved U.S. Daily Food Pyramid facilitates healthy weight loss

…and much, much more information about how to achieve your weight loss goals without being foolish, spending too much money or harming your health in any way!


Do You Want the Opposite Sex to Look at You With Lust Again?

What are you waiting for?


Is your weight gain out of control?

This is no laughing matter even though you may have so far been able to laugh it off.

Obesity is a serious health threat and here is a breakdown of some of the serious health consequences that can result from hauling around excess weight.

Here is an idea of the health consequences that can result from carrying around excess weight –

  • Carrying around excess body fat will decrease your energy levels because you become needlessly heavy. Having just 10 lbs. of excess body fat is like carrying around a 10 lb. bag of lard!
  • Your heart has to work overtime to support the extra weight and this has a harmful effect on your entire cardiovascular system including your heart, your lungs, and all of your arteries and veins.
  • You may develop breathing problems like sleep apnea. This is a breathing problem that causes you to stop inhaling or exhaling for long enough that you can actually be smothered to death.
  • You can become sleep deprived from having to sleep in a way that accommodates your excess fat. This can affect your posture and cause leg and back pain.
  • Obesity can cause infertility. If you are trying to have a baby but can’t, too much fat might be the reason.
  • Type 2 Diabetes has been linked to obesity so if you want to lower your risk of getting this disorder then try shedding some pounds.
  • Extra weight will put men at a higher risk for developing colon, rectum, or prostate cancer.
  • Obese women have a higher risk of developing gallbladder, breast, uterine, cervical, or ovarian cancer.
  • Overweight and obesity are associated with increased risks of gall bladder disease, incontinence, increased surgical risk, and depression (for both sexes.)
  • Obesity can affect the quality of life through limited mobility and decreased physical endurance
  • Obese individuals also can experience social, academic, and job discrimination.
  • Being overweight may have an effect on your self-esteem that, in turn, will have a negative effect on your overall health.These are only some of the consequences of not shedding those excess pounds. In the long run being overweight is absurdly expensive both to your morale and to your pocketbook. That is why it is a good idea to embark on a natural weight loss regimen now.Most weight loss attempts fail simply because people try too hard. They set up high expectations of themselves and then gorge on the wrong foods when they cannot stick to the diet. This just makes their obesity problem worse.

    In Easy Natural Weight Loss you will learn …

    To set goals and stick to them so you lose all the weight you ca

    Why most diets fail miserably

    How often you need to go to the gym to really lose weight and build muscle

    How to determine your fat to muscle ratio

    How many meals you should be eating a day to lose weight (the answer may surprise you!)

    What are good fats and what are bad fats

    How much protein your particular body type needs to eat a day in order to start gaining muscles

    Why it is better to think of yourself as “overfat” rather than “overweight”

    How to calculate your own Body Mass Index using free tools found online

    The latest credible researched statistics about obesity and how they affect your lifestyle and health

    Why you may be overweight in your particular case

    Why soft drinks are the kiss of death for most people when it comes to weight gain

    Why starving yourself backfires again and again for dieters

    How to get an idea of what your daily energy requirements really are!

    How to develop an Excel spread sheet that can help you figure out your calorie intake and what you have to consume in order to achieve that healthy weight loss of about two pounds a week

    How keeping a journal is another effective weight loss strategy

    How to set clear goals that are realistic and achievable so that you do not lose motivation on your journey to permanent weight loss

    How to create a balance in your lifestyle that will facilitate that weight loss

    All about proteins , carbohydrates and calories including what they are and how much of each you need to take in to stay healthy

    How to identify superfoods with an explanation abouthow they can help improve your health

    Why your mom was right when she said breakfast was the must-have meal of the day

    How fast you should eat to get optimal nutrition in your food

    The role that drinking water can play in your weight loss

    …and much, much more.

    Some of the issues discussed in this unique ebook are actually quite complex. You will learn all about the laws of calorie balance and the actual mathematical calculations that are used to determine how much body fat you will lose. You will also learn the right combination of protein, carbs and fat to eat in order to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

    You will also learn the most ironic thing about weight loss which is all about how eating fat can actually cause you to burn fat in the end.!

    This is not a long fussy eBook but it is concise, informative and the advice in it works! You can go back to it again and again and look information up about weight loss. It should become your indispensable weight loss guide and reference.

    The diet and muscle building industries will lead you to believe that being fat is all your fault!

    This is not necessarily true!

    Being overweight is not always just a matter of being lazy or eating too much. Sometimes there are other issues making people stay fat and I try to address them all in this eBook.

    The problem is that no one diet can look at the body as the whole. No one diet automatically recognizes the difference between how a fat person’s metabolism operates and how a thin person’s operates.

    In essence a thin person and a fat person could eat the same meals for a week and the thin person would not gain weight while the fat one would!

    Yet another factor that plays into weight gain is that people with abnormally low metabolism are always hungry

    The pain of their cravings is very physical and very real. This is why Easy Natural Weight Lossdoes not contain a fast or a diet based on calorie deprivation! This approach to weight loss simply does not work!

    Are You Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Attempts By Trying Too Hard to Lose Weight?

    If you want to lose weight forget any approach that simply “smacks of effort.”

    If you want to lose pounds for good you need to forget about fad diets and lose weight he natural way. This means applying the principles of natural eating to your life. For some that means eating a vegan diet and for others it means including some meat in the diet as a protein source.

    Eating better often involves big lifestyle changes. Big changes are not accomplished overnight. You also can’t get anywhere if you insist on counting each and every calorie. Forget any ideas you may have about this entailing sacrifice, deprivation or days and days of eating nothing but a bland diet. Trying too hard like this simply does not work.

    Furthermore if you follow the advice in Easy Natural Weight Loss you will NOT ignore your body’s cues to eat as is true of other dieting. Feeling hungry is a sign that is something wrong.

    Here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’re going to be let in on when you read Easy Natural Weight Loss. You will also learn –

    The reason that most weight loss attempts fail is because people do not have realistic expectations of themselves.

    Why being unrealistic or irrational or too idealistic about your weight loss goals is a true recipe for disaster.

    Why do doctors say that it is most healthy to lose two pounds a week!

    Why it is a good idea to forget about dieting for a while

    How food allergies can affect your weight loss plan

    How your work schedule, age and gender can affect your weight loss regimen

    How a weight loss program can actually make you fat!

    Why counting calories is just not the answer

    …And lots more of information, including info about the blood type diet, the high protein diet, the raw food diet, the low fat diet, the low-crab diet, the low sodium diet, the high fiber diet, the low calorie diet, and the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet, the Slim Fast Diet and why these diets don’t work for anyone!

    What is the definition of stupidity again? Oh yes -

    Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results!

    It’s time to ignore what the diet and fitness industry has been selling you so you can make some intelligent choices.

    Your first step is to buy my book and let yourself in the secrets to building your best physique.

    Buy my eBook save yourself years of trial and error trying to find out how to lose weight.

    If you were to pay a plastic surgeon to sculpt your body you could easily end up paying $20,000. Then for weeks after you would have to work out to build up the void left by the removed fat with new muscle. That is why the cheap price of my eBook makes it well worth any cost to you.

    You could also get a personal trainer which costs around $75 per session. If you work out 3 times a week, for just 6 months, that would cost you $5,800.

    Or you could continue to pour money into the delusions sold to you by the supplement industry.

    It’s your choice. You are not going change just sitting here and reading this. Don’t procrastinate one more minute!

    Stop surfing the internet for the latest magic bullet or miracle system for building muscle Stop wasting your money on liquids, powders and pills and end up healthier and wealthier!

    The bottom line is, you want to get rid of the excess ‘you’ that you have never welcomed and you want to do so in a way that is easy to master, does not disrupt your life overly much and is 100% natural.

    It’s not difficult to lose weight naturally, but now you know how to do it, the rest is up to you.


    “Want to Work Out Exactly What You Need To Do Today To Lose Weight Naturally and Safely?”

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